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Contact Mark–

Recent record rain and wind have caused serious erosion and rock-slides on parts of the course, but we are on top of it (we think!)

And remember, you are welcome to register in person on Sunday morning Nov. 2 (races do not start till 8:20 a.m.).

Best wishes and Happy Hallowe’en to all runners!

Roundtop “R.O.X.” Update for Nov. 2, 2014!

Please note race is set for Sunday Nov. 2, 2014 (not Nov 1 as reported earlier) with 8:20 a.m. start for all races!  The long option (real deal) = 53Km (33 miles) and you have 10 (ten) hours to do it (some easy cut-off times).

And you are welcome to call it a day at the 27+ mile distance too– same medals and good prizes too.

More news ASAP– come join the fun in New Mexico on November 2!!!

Mark & Family & Friends

Annual ROUNDTOP Overlook X-Country (R.O.X.) Trail Races Nov. 1, 2014

Come join the fun in the mountains of southern New Mexico on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014.

ROUNDTOP OVERLOOK X-Country (R.O.X.) Trail Races

Vado, New Mexico (between Las Cruces and El Paso, in the scenic Organ Mountains)

8:20 a.m. Start all races.

52Km (32 mi.)/ 27 mile/ 10 mile/ 4.6 mile (7.5 Km)

“Something for everyone”  Courses = mixture of old dirt jeep road, narrow and twisty single-track trail, and a few short paved country road sections.  Elevation= 4,012′> 4,410′  Climb in 52Km= +- 3,950′.

Aid stations every 2-3 miles, pass main parking area (your vehicle)/ tents/ buffet at +- 2 miles/ 10 miles/ 18+ miles/ 27 miles.

Typical weather for Nov. 1= lows of 39F, highs of 74F.  It can be quite WINDY (in 2013, gusts of 50+MPH).

T-shirts to all runners.

Medals to all finishers of two longer races.  Ribbons to finishers of two shorter races.

Entry fees= $30 for longer two runs, $25 for shorter, add $5 for any run for which you enter after October 30.  You may enter race morning.

Directions to start:  Get off I-10 Vado exit (exit #155).  Drive 2 miles EAST (uphill, on twisting paved road, towards mountains– Bishop Cap = the pointy peak with metal tower on top.)  At power-lines that is two miles from I-10, follow trail head signs left (northeast) on gravel road 200 yards to main parking area.  Start and finish here.  All runs start with a few easy miles on paved road you drove in on before hitting trails.

Questions?  Please contact us at:  markgd55@gmail.com       or (915)581-9541

******ON-LINE REGISTRATION = raceadventuresunlimited  (see below) or at El Paso’s Up And Running East and West side shops.

Hope to see you out there in the high desert!

Sugarloaves’ Ultra Results/ Feb. 1, 2014.

***n.b.:  The following results, while unofficial, ARE however highly accurate.  Please contact us with any omissions, corrections, etc.

29.5 Mile (47.5 Km)/ Mostly trails with elevation ranging between 4,050′>4,410′.

1.  Eugene Smith, 30, Las Cruces, N.M.        5:00:12

2.  Roger Squires, 53, Albuquerque, N.M.    5:20:14

3.  Erik Dye, 36, Sandy, UT                           5:31:50

4.  Kristoffer Villamin, 35, El Paso, TX           5:33:11

5.  Yuriy Esperson, 53, Rego Park, NY         6:05:31

6.  Richard Harris, 73, Albuquerque             7:31:02

7.  Kelley Garcia, 48, Albuquerque (1F)       7:48:01



38.8 Miles.

1.  Marco Zuniga, 41, Durango, CO        5:44:01

1. *** Robert Reynolds, 33, Tucson, AZ  4:52:31

     **Note:  Robert was inadvertently misdirected on the course and missed approximately 4 miles.  

3.  Garth Reader, 51, Los Alamos, N.M.   6:32:21

4.  Stephen Wilson, 26, El Paso               6:42:51

5.  Peter Livingstone, 49, Las Cruces      6:44:45

6.  Greg Luffey, 50, El Paso                     7:49:50

7.  Nicholas Juskiewicz, 53, Albuquerque  8:16:16

8.  David Townshend, 39, Evansville, IN    8:31:19

**Zachary Wise ran over 31 miles (50Km)

Several runners dropped down to the 29 mile (which is permitted), while others stopped well short of that.

Full race report to follow.  

Best wishes to all ultra runners, 
Mark Dorion and Helen Ellison-Dorion

6 Mile & 15 Mile Results/ 2014 Sugarloaves’ Ultra Vista Trail Races

To all runners and helpers:  While unofficial, the following results ARE however highly accurate.  If you see anything that may need correction or clarification, please contact us.  We will have ultra results in a separate post. Thank you.


1.)  J.T. Hess, 24, El Paso, TX                 45:52

2.)  Kenneth King, 30, El Paso                 49:10

3.)  Julian Canales, 28, El Paso               49:55

4.)  Tyrus Taylor, 44, El Paso                  50:06

5.)  Chay Blount, 38, El Paso                   50:14

6.)  Courtney Franks, 25, El Paso  (1F)   52:19

7.)  Cosette Montanez, 42, El Paso (2F)  52:25

8.)  Matthew Quick, 39, El Paso               53:14

9.)  Heidi Johnson, 41, El Paso (3F)        54:25

10.) Fiona Decaudin, 23, El Paso (4F)    55:44

11.) Isaac Morales, 21, Anthony, N.M.     56:48

12.) George Rivera, 51, Anthony, N.M.    56:48

13.) Wendy Walker, 37, El Paso (5F)       59:34

14.) Erica Benjarano, 27, El Paso (6F)   1:01:46

15.) Cecilia Little, 49, Chapin, N.M. (7F)  1:02:34

16.) Samara Pitre, 42, El Paso (8F)         1:05:00

17.) JoAnna Johnson, 33, Rio Rancho, N.M.(9F) 1:07:21

18.) Maureen Simpkins, 45, El Paso (10F)    1:13:48

19.) Christine Comacha, 33, El Paso (11F)   1:13:56

20.) Greg Garvey, 41, Mesilla, N.M.               1:17:24

21.) Jacqueline Corpus, 28, El Paso (12F)     1:47:20

22.) Michael Jelen, 48, El Paso                       1:47:36

(23 Starters)


15.5 Mile:

1.)  Tomas Forsman, 42, Alamogordo, N.M.    1:57:10

2.)  Alex Delgadillo, 37, El Paso, TX                2:06:10

3.)  David Shank, 45, El Paso                         2:07:40

4.) Dan Carter, 31, Las Cruces, N.M.              2:08:03

5.) Lyle Levert, 25, Florida                              2:13:44

6.) Miguel Carter, 50, El Paso                         2:15:35

7.) Larry White, 40, Fountain, CO                   2:20:41

8.) Abel Farias, 2:21:25, Temple, TX              2:21:25

9.) Bernardo Del Hierro, 34, El Paso              2:22:38

10.) William Ortiz, 47, Albuquerque, N.M.       2:23:45

11.) Ryan Browne, 29, Ephrata, WA              2:26:31

12.) Gretchen McElroy, 49, El Paso (1F)       2:27:36

13.) Jennifer Krismer, 25, McAllen, TX (2F)   2:29:27

14.) Mark Lenox, 55, El Paso                        2:31:27

15.) Mark Lusk, 64, El Paso                          2:44:00

16.) Lola Bernal, 51, El Paso (3F)                2:52:07

17.) Rolando Flores, 36, El Paso                 2:52:51

18.) Jessica Margheric, 36, El Paso (4F)     3:00:29

19.) Rosalba Bazar, El Paso (5F)                3:09:25

20.) Connie Hayes, 57, El Paso (6F)           3:19:35

21.) Jim Schwartzbach, El Paso                   3:25:32

22.) Scott Kuyawa, 55, El Paso                   3:52:02

(23 starters)

Sugarloaves’ 2014 Runners Were Awesome!

Despite challenging hills, sandy footing, rough weather (including severe winds that blew over tables, chairs, signs, etc.), and a few places that could have been better marked/ flagged, the nearly 100 (!) runners plus a few dogs were cheerful, patient, and appreciative.

Our small but rugged crew (including the amazing Franklin high school runner Brian Rowley, and several runners who helped before and after their races– Wendy, George, etal.) was elated but overwhelmed by the amount of race day registrants.  

As one veteran runner told us, “Hey– no one got hurt, or lost off the course, everyone was friendly and the scenery was awesome– things went well!”

We are working today to clean up the course and get ACCURATE results posted ASAP.  If you note an omission etc. in the results, please just let us know.  Also if you did not get a finisher’s medal etc., contact us with your mailing address.

Remember that there are several upcoming local trail events, including the beautiful Sierra Vista Runs on March 8 and the 17th annual Jackrabbit Classic in the Franklin Mountains a week later.  Once we change the clocks we also generally run some of the trails on Crazycat Mountain near the westside El Paso Up And Running shop on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m.(refreshments after). Will post more info. later.

All best wishes to all runners and helpers,

Mark, Helen, Amalia and Toby Dorion

Current Sugarloaves’ Course Desc. (Jan. 27, 2014)

Course as it is flagged at present: Start from large gravel SVT parking lot, run .8 mi. west on paved road, sharp right (north) on dirt road, 200 yds. on dirt road, around cones and return to start (2 miles).
Next– head west out of gravel parking lot again, go around dirt road circle by power-lines (see map, circle is well-flagged and various piles of brush and wood have been stacked there), hit paved road, LEFT (east) down paved road, carefully merging across to south side of paved road. After .2 of mi. on paved road, hard RIGHT (south) onto “Old” SV Trail going south. Follow flags south on winding, narrow single-track for over 1 mile to where single-track merges with power-lines dirt road. South of power-lines road about half a mile to well-marked aid station/ turnaround (should be fans there cheering you on).
You are about 4 miles into the race at this southmost turnaround/ aid station. Retrace steps to junction just south of paved road, follow flags and signs on more direct “new” SV trail as it crosses paved road and enters brush on north side of road. From the road crossing the 5.5 mile racers are just 1/4 mile from the finish. ALL RACES run together back to the parking lot at the 5.5 mile point. This is a major aid station and a good time for longer race runners to resupply.
After leaving the 5.5 mile runners, longer racers again head west on dirt road, go around circle by power-lines, and then repeat south loop from last south trail loop.
The only difference is this time when you cross the paved road, you KEEP GOING NORTH on the SV Trail– you do not cut back over to the main parking area (that is 1/4 mile out of your way).
Follow generally well-maintained single-track 3 miles through arroyos and dry creek beds before emerging at SIX (6) WAY junction at foot of Bishop Cap Peak. There are the ruins of an old adobe hut 100 yards to your east (visible) at this point. Cross six way junction on diagonal, staying on single-track (follow signs, bike tread). Single-track climbs gradually along side of ridge going north. Turnaround is similar to R.O.X. event back in November, a bit higher up, well-marked. You are only running about .4 of a mile northeast of six way junction. Retrace your steps to finish. This will be the end for 25Km (15+ mi) racers.
Ultra runners proceed to do another 10 mile loop like the one just described– around the dirt road circle by power-lines, down the paved road to the SV south, etc.
Keep in mind we have abundant water and all sorts of drinks every 2-3 miles– there is no need to get dehydrated. Also, runners are welcome to drop down to a shorter distance. However, you need to finish one of the four set distances/ courses to receive the many finishers’ prizes (medals, awards, salsa, fame and fortune). If you are over 6:50 (6 hours 50 mins) at the 25.5 mile point as you finish big lap #2 in the parking lo,t you will be directed to go back out for just the scenic little 3+ mile south loop, thus returning to the finish at 29 miles– a MOST respectable ultra finish on a deceptively tough course (the low point at the south end is 500′ +below the high point on “Plattekill Hill” at the north end).
60Km runners do a whole third 10 mile loop and then a slightly shorter south loop to the “Wildnerness Aid Station” (and obvious point) and back. There will be wild animals sniffing around the Wilderness Aid Station.
WE will have mile-by-mile turn sheets and detailed color maps at the start/ sign-in. All tricky junctions on the course are marked with orange tape, cones, signs, etc. WE are doing our best to help this be a safe and fun event.

Sugarloaves’ Ultra Vista (S.U.V.) Feb. 1, 2014/ Update Jan. 9

Sugarloaves’ Ultra Vista (S.U.V.) Trail Races

Sat. Feb. 1, 2014        Vado, NM (between Las Cruces and El Paso)   8:15 start all races

60Km (38 mi.) and 29 mile ultras, 15 mile, 5 mile

All races start and finish at SV Trail parking area 2 miles east of I-10 Vado exit (exit #155).  Go east (uphill on twisting narrow paved road) 2 miles to start area.

Enter online at:   http://www.raceadventuresunlimited.com  (online deadline 6:00 p.m. Jan. 29)

In person at Up And Running shops in El Paso

FEES:  Two shorter races prior to race day= $25/ race day $30

            Two longer races prior to race day= $30/ race day $35

On race morning, you may register at the starts beginning 7:45.

COURSE:  All runs start with 1+ mile paved road leading to narrow single-track trails.  All runs do first 5+ miles together.

After first 5+ miles longer events do 10 mile out and back that first heads south, then doubles back to the north before returning to the start-finish area.  Pass your car/ start + finish at 5/ 15/ 25/ 25 miles.  AID stations every 3 miles stocked with water, sports drinks, soda, crackers, gels.  More food choices at main start-finish area.

There are no major climbs/ drops on this course (climb in 38 miles = 3,110′), however these are wilderness trails through steep-sided ravines and arroyos at 4,040′>4,410′ elevation.

NOTE!!! As in past years, we have a TIME CUT-OFF at the 25 mile point (as you reach the parking area/ start/ finish area).  To continue for the full 60Km you need to reach the 25+ mile point by 6:50 (six hours fifty minutes).  If you are over that time (or if you are under that time but want to call it a day), you may continue for 4 more miles and get a 29 mile finish (hey, it’s an ultra, and you won’t be out after dark).  Also as in the past, we aim to have all runners (no matter which race) finished within a few minutes of sunset (10 hours, or +-6:15 p.m.).

AWARDS:  Finishers in ALL races get nice medals.  You must finish one of the four advertised distances, not a “make up your own course.”  All runners receive race t-shirts.  Shoes and gear from Mizuno, Saucony etal. to 1 and 2 M/F in longer two races.  Over 100 (one hundred) door/ raffle prizes from Up And Running, CrazyCat Cycleries, Starbuck’s, etc.to be handed out (spread among the four races).  Must be present to win.

Questions?  Please contact Mark at–  markgd55@gmail.com       or (915)581-9541

Come join the fun in the southern New Mexico high desert!


Two Upcoming Southern New Mexico Trail Runs!!

On Sunday December 15th, we have the low-key, fun, 14th annual pre-holiday Sagebrush Olderbark Shuffle (S.O.S.) 9 hour run. No entry fee (donations of food etc. welcome), just come out to Vado, New Mexico (exit #155 off I-10, between Las Cruces and El Paso) and start running at 7:50 a.m. WE do a few easy road miles at the start, then longer out-backs and finally, later in the day (for anyone still going), we have short 2 mile section with each 1/4 mile clearly marked. Water and drinks on course every 2-3 miles, plenty of food and holiday door prizes at main parking/ start area.

Sat. Feb. 1, 2014.
Sugarloaves’ Ultra Vista (S.U.V.) Ultras– 60Km (37.5 mi.), 28+ mile, plus shorter races.
Meet at SV trail head parking lot, 2 miles east of I-10 Vado exit (exit #155).
8:10 a.m. start all races.
Course similar to last year with some dirt and paved road in first few miles, then longer 9-10 mile out and backs north on Sierra Vista multi-use trail.

Also like last year, we will have a time cut-off at 28+ miles to ensure all runners finishing by sunset or a very few minutes after.

We will have race morning registration– complete registration info. will be posted in the next few days.

Awards/ prizes 1-3 M/F in each race.
Running shoe gift certificates for 1+2 M/F in longer races.
Medals to all finishers of ultras.
Ribbons to finishers of shorter races.
Water, drinks, snacks every 3 miles on course. LOTS of food and drink at start/ finish area, which you cross through at regular intervals.

More info. to be posted ASAP.

Come and bring your friends!

R.O.X. 50Km and 27 mile Results & Report

R.O.X. 50Km and 27.3 mile (shorter race results are elsewhere)
Vado, New Mexico
Nov. 16, 2013

50+Km (trails and some roads at 4,040′>4,450′)
(note– 14 folks singed up for the 50Km)

1. Luis Leon, 44, Tucson, AZ 4:59:49
2. Peter Livingstone, 49, Las Cruces, NM 5:34:13
3. Kyle McLaughlin, 22, Buckley, WA 5:45:55
4. Dan Reed, 30, El Paso, TX 6:25:06
5. Steve Wilson, 26, El Paso, TX 6:25:07
6. Juan Peralta, 33, El Paso, TX 6:44:28
7. Dale Louis, 58, Grants, NM 7:10:55
8. David Townsend, 39, Evansville, IN 7:15:14

27.3 mile:

1. Garth Reader, Los Alamos, NM 4:42:49
2. Eduardo Solis, El Paso, TX 5:17:45

Sixteen adventuresome runners came out to scenic Vado, New Mexico (home to Dominguez Family Dairy Farm, one of the 3-4 biggest dairy farms in the world) on a mild but extremely windy day. Several hours into the run our large event tent got blown off its moorings, its metal supports snapped like thin twigs.

The Organ Mountains, around the base of which these races pass, are 9,000’+ cathedral-like spires that are part of a large proposed new National Monument. Runners found that while there were no major climbs, the short, steep, loose and sometimes overgrown arroyos and ridges took their toll.

We look forward to the above runners and many more joining us February 1 for our annual Sugarloaves’ (S.U.V.) trail races out in this same remote, scenic area.


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