Jan. 2017 Roundtop Trail Runs CANCELLED (B.L.M. will not allow parking in that area)

We will have a “substitute,” REALLY FUN event on trails in El Paso!

We plan to have similar distances of 4/ 8/ 16 miles, plus nice medals and t-shirts, and great works of art as well as merchandise as prizes, and …

Please stay tuned … and thank you for your patience!


Mark and Crew

2017 Edition– Roundtop Trail Runs at Anthony Gap (NM)

Coming January 28, 2017– rolling trail races along the base of the southern Rocky Mountains (between El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM)).

Distances:  4 miles/ 8.5 miles/ 17 miles/ 27 miles/ 34 miles (same courses as in 2016, but superior remeasuring showed basic loop was 8.5 miles).  Some parts of the trail are in much better shape than the 2016 race, others a bit rougher.

More info. will be posted here ASAP!

Come join the fun–

Correction to 16 mile results!

Please note:  #591, Susie Rand-weimer, finished the 16.7 mile (27Km) race at Roundtop Trail Run in 2:51:12.  Somehow her time got switched with a runner who was 4:20:50.  Our apologies to Susie.

More importantly, please let us know of any other time or place discrepancies.  After all, things can happen when you plan for 70 runners and get 112!

NEXT year we will have more port-a-sans at the start/ finish, and will blockade the turnaround with a tank so that nobody cruises by the “All Races turn around here!” sign.  And we will make many more t-shirts!

Hope to see many of you at the El Paso Marathon next week, AND the amazing Sierra Vista Trail Runs in Las Cruces March 5, and the Jackrabbit Classic in the State Park April 11 (I have done a preliminary measurement and the courses should be 8.1 miles and 4.2 miles– BUT with lots of climbing and some very rough footing).

Results for Roundtop 4/ 8/ 16 Miles

Dear Runners,

At the moment, results for ALL Roundtop Trail Run distances (4 through 33 miles) are posted at–     https://www.raceadventuresunlimited.com/results/

We realize there may be one or two errors and are working to straighten those out– thanks.


A report and photos will also appear here ASAP.

Thanks for coming out and hope to see you all at the Sierra Vista Trail races on March 5 and the Jackrabbit Runs in the Franklin Mountains State Park first week of April.  AND of course, in Anthony Gap next year!!

Roundtop Trail Runs– 27 and 33 mile results

Roundtop Trail Runs at Anthony Gap, N.M.

Jan. 30, 2016.  Old jeep roads and trails at 4,220′-4,485′.

***Please note– results for shorter three distances will be posted ASAP.

33.4 miles (54Km)  (1,660′ climb)

  1.  Miguel Perez, 33, White Sands, N.M.          4:42:05  C.R.
  2. David Robbins, 25, Las Cruces, N.M.            4:50:59
  3. Michael Bursum, 42, Las Cruces                  5:07:15
  4. Boniface Manyanya, 35, El Paso, TX              5:44:29
  5. Rene Peinado, 39, Cd. Juarez, Chih., MEX      5:54:32
  6. Peter Livingstone, 51, Las Cruces                  6:21:58
  7. Kelly Perky Garcia, 50, Albuquerque (*1F)     7:49:42 C.R.

(7 starters)


27.65 miles (44.6Km)   (1,285′ climb)

1.  Chris Benoit, 33, El Paso, TX                        3:50:53   C.R.

2.  Randy Lockhart, 53, Albuquerque                 4:19:47

3.  Pedro Espinosa, 41, El Paso                          5:42:30

4.  Adrian Dodds, 36, El Paso                             5:42:31

5.  Gail Leedy, 62, Albuquerque (*1F)                 5:56:57

6.  Will Ortiz, 49, Albuquerque                           6:00:35

7.  John Bright, 62, El Paso                                6:20:33

8.  Jamila Williams, 36, Las Cruces (*2F)             6:33:14

9.  Richard Harris, 75, Albuquerque                     7:48:45

(11 starters)

&&& Again, results from 4/8/ 16 mile runs will be up as soon as possible.  A short report about the many highlights of the day and event to follow as well!  A BIG thank you to all the runners who came out and took on our beautiful but deceptively hilly route alongside Roundtop, North Anthony Nose, Webb Peak and the rest of our rugged, rocky Anthony Gap mountains.


Roundtop Trail Runs in Anthony Gap!!

Save the date!  Sat. Jan. 30, 2016.  8:10 a.m. start all races.

Anthony Gap, NM (just east of Anthony, TX and NM– yes there are towns in each state, next to each other, with the same name)

4 mile/ 8 mile/ 16 mile/ 27 mile/ 32+ mile (52Km)

(yes, five distances to choose from)


T-shirts to all runners (all sizes XS to 2 XL available)

Medals to all finishers of 16 mile and longer races

Dozens of door/ raffle prizes.

New pair Mizuno/ Saucony shoes to winners and 2nd placers in 27 mile/ 32 mile.

LOTS of food at start/ finish/ central aid station.  Aid on course every 3 miles.

For on-line registration, please see http://www.raceadventuresunlimited.com      (on-line deadline = Thurs. Jan. 28)  Yes, you may register at the start but please get there early and be patient– thank you.


To get to start:  Exit I-10 at NM exit 162 (Hwy 404/ O’Hare Road).  Head east uphill for 4 miles on Hwy 404. As road starts to flatten and eastbound road turns to two lanes, look LEFT (north) for white metal gate and large “Sierra Vista Trail” sign.  Go through gate and continue .15 of a mile northeast past two fenced-in, above-ground gas pipelines (your gravel road to start goes between the two fenced in pipe-lines).  Parking is in several directions– should be obvious as you drive in.  All races start at second gate (no fence for 30 yards to right of gate).


Trail/ footing:  Mostly old double-track jeep road.  Much has good dirt footing while in places the old road is overgrown and eroded.  There are a few short stretches of single-track that parallel the old jeep road– the proper route will be well-flagged and delineated.  ll runners receive detailed as well.  Please at least briefly study the map (a copy will be posted at this site ASAP).

Elevation= 4,200′>4,505′.  You are basically following an out-and-back 8 mile route with a small loop near the start.  The 4 mile race turns back sooner )signs, aid stations +-2 miles out from start).  The 27+ mile will also do a partial lap after four full 8 mile laps.

Motel/ hotel/ camping (yes, you may camp at the start but may want to go another few hundred yards north– careful on old gravel road– to be a bit farther from the highway) info. published separately.  Closest amenities (including a good Denny’s restaurant) are 6 miles away– take “Exit 0” which is 2 miles south of Exit 162 that you took for the race.

WEATHER generally below freezing at start, warming to 55-59F (11-15C) in afternoon.

TIME CUT-OFFS:  If intending to run the 53Km, you need to be through the start-finish-parking lot by 6 hours 30 minutes race time.  If you are over that time you are welcome to continue for the short out-and-back (to first aid station) for the 27 mile.

CHANGING DISTANCES DURING THE RACE:  If you sign up for one distance and decide to stop at a shorter option OR keep going to a longer race finish, you will be put in the results but will not be eligible for prizes.  We strongly encourage runners to complete the race distance for which they have signed up.

OTHER QUESTIONS?  Please call or write Mark– markgd55@gmail.com         or  (915)581-9541




Sugarloaves’ Ultra Results (30 Mile, 60Km) 2015–

***The following, while highly accurate, are not official at the moment. We invite any runners or helpers who notice omissions or errors to contact us. Results of the three shorter races (4 mile, 9 mile, 16 mile) will be posted separately. Thank you to all the great runners and never-tiring race workers who came out in wet, cool, MUDDY conditions.

Sugarloaves’ Ultra Vista (S.U.V.) Trail Races
Vado, NM
Jan. 31, 2015
Trails and old jeep roads at 4,100>4,410′.

30.3 Miles:

1. Gail Leedy, 61, Alburquerque, NM (1W) 6:10:50
2. John Stasulli, 40, Killeen, TX 6:38:12
3. Todd Wolford, 49, El Paso, TX 7:07:20
4. Richard Harris, 74, Albuquerque 8:28:11
5. Kelly Perky Garcia, 49, Albuquerque (2W) 8:32:47
6. Clint Burleson, 61, Organ, NM 8:32:48

(7 starters)

60Km (37.4 Miles):

1. Travis McWhorter, 28, Sandia Park, NM 5:47:32
2. Mike McCorgary, 45, El Paso, TX 6:06:16
3. Adan Rivas, 42, Cd. Juarez, Chih., MEX 6:28:29
4. Evelin Molina, 25, Cd. Juarez, Chih. MEX (1W) 7:40:48
5. Kathy Kirsling, 66, Tijeras, NM (2W)

(6 Starters)

Colorful race report, photos plus results of our other races will appear at this blogsite shortly. I am posting this after a long afternoon cleaning up the trails (we had several remote aid stations where water etc. is backpacked in and the 4 wheel drive road to get NEAR the trails is slow and muddy).