S.U.V. Trail Runs Update (as of Dec. 24, 2012):

Interest is gaining momentum, and we are looking forward to the Feb. 2 big event.

Here is some additional info.:

  –On Sunday Jan. 27, we will have a DRY RUN on the course for anyone interested.  We will have water and drinks out on the course, turns will already be marked, etc.  You can run as much as you like up to 28 miles.  This is also a chance for officials and volunteers for Feb. 2 to check out the course.

–The course, as currently planned, involves two initial 2-3 mile loops to the south from the parking area/ start/ finish, then the longer races run north on the single-track Sierra Vista trail.  We plan to have volunteers and big signs at the tricky 6-way Rock House Junction that is 3 miles north of the start.

We continue to have donations of generous prizes– hopefully everyone can go home with something.

–PLEASE, if you have any questions, contact the RDs at:   markgd55@gmail.com   

or (915)581-9541. 

–On-line registration is at:   http://www.greatraceadventures.com      

–The entry fee is $20.

All Best Holiday Wishes and Happy Year of the Snake to everyone,


Mark Dorion & Family


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