S.U.V. Trail Map Part 1

S.U.V. Trail Map Part 1

S.U.V. Trail Map Part 1

*****January 15th news on S.U.V Races–

The REAL, correct on-line registration =
If you are still having problems connecting, please let me know. Of course, you can register the morning of the race at the start in Vado. You can also drop off an entry at Up And Running (westside is easier, but either shop is great) as I am in the shop most days.
The DRY SUGARLOAVES RUN (DSR) will happen Sunday Jan. 27, 8:00 a.m. The course will be marked, there will be aid every 3 or so miles, and you can run the complete first 28 miles for an ultra finish, or any of several shorter options. A great opportunity to see the course.
If I have not gotten back to anyone as quickly as I normally do, I apologize. I have been out of town quite a bit, starting with the wonderfully-organized Across The Years 72 Hour outside Phoenix that ended Jan. 1st (somehow I hobbled my way to 202 miles, but it took me several days afterwards to thaw out).

Best wishes to all ultrarunners,

Mark G D & Family (it was 19F at my house in northwest El Paso this morning)