Sept. 11, 2013– Parts of the R.O.X. trail course (Vado, NM) are UNDER WATER, with significant erosion in spots.  We have had unusual, steady September rains for several days here in the high desert.  I see many hours of trimming brush, moving rock etc. for the trails to get “up and running.” BUT we will have a nice, scenic, runnable course ready to go by November 16.

I ran 7.5 miles with some much faster runners last night, and my shoes were a tad heavy with water running right into them over the top edges.  I would run on relatively firm ground for a while, then suddenly sink in and feel I was about to have my shoe sucked off.  But my Saucony Mirages did manage to give me pretty good traction, much better than some other shoes I have tried in slick conditions.  HAPPY TRAINING to all ultra runners around the globe!


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