Amazing Shoe Raffle!


PLEASE send answers to the three questions, plus your name to:


Again, since folks have asked, for question 3 I do not care if you put down “track” 6 day record holder or “road” or both.

Remember on Question #2 that all 4 named peaks are OVER 3400′ at the summits.

Best wishes from sunny El Paso at 4,210’/


Mark D


Starting date: Monday Oct. 7.
Ending date: 11:59 p.m. Thursday Oct. 10.

Questions you need to answer FIRST before having your name put into the hat for drawing for new pair of Mizuno/ Saucony shoes.

1.) Name TWO (2) USA runners who competed in the Olympic Marathon AND who raced ultra marathon events (50Kms/ 31.1 miles or longer).
For extra credit, name the year(s) they ran in the Olympics, and one of the ultras they contested.

2.) We have several ultra races in southern New Mexico with catchy acronyms. The S.U.V. stands for Sugarlaof Ulta Vista, the R.O.X. for Roundtop Overlook X-country, and even the S & S Shuffle = Sherrill and Sagebrush Shuffle.

While these are all local place names, many regions of the USA have mountains and ponds with the same names, these names varying from early explorers to natural wonders– e.g., there must be over 100 “Mud Ponds” in the country.

Where– besides the local southern NM region– is one small mountain range/ era/ park where you may also find peaks named “Sugarloaf,” “Roundtop,” “Overlook,” and “Sherrill”?? Hint– all these four are within a few miles of each other in that region, and all are at least 3,400′ high, with very steep sides.

3.) Can you name the all-time greatest 6 day racers (men and women), and their distances (it’s OK if you list separate road and track distances).


Please be sure to include your full name and shoe size. Raffle to take place Monday October 14.

Best wishes to everyone–

One response to “Amazing Shoe Raffle!

  1. Hello, is there an address to give an email raffle response, I don’t see one shown anywhere. Or do we post our answers here for all to see 🙂

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