Correction/ Additional Info. re-shoe raffle!

Oops– sleepy old Mark made a typo-goof– meant to say that besides locally in southern NM/ far west TX these peaks are found, they are also all found near a BIG city and all there are over 3100′ elev. (NOT 3400′)

In any case, the five (5) responses so far all figured the mountain question out pretty quickly, but some folks have had trouble with the Olympic marathoners- ultrarunners question. Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers ran 30 mile training runs at fast paces, but did not enter any ultra RACES. And yes, there have been some world class (top 5 in Olympics) Russian/ European marathoners who also did ultras, but to my knowledge they all still live abroad.

Nine easy slow miles today and I feel like I ran an ultra.

Good night and good luck,

Mark D ZZZzzzzz

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