And we have a winner–

Raffle drawing was conducted during commercial break of Cardinals 4-2 win over Dodgers Tuesday night. The name “Byron lane” drawn out of hat. He wins a gift certificate for a pair of Saucony shoes.

The other ten folks who managed to answer the questions and send in their names each get a cool-max Roundtop Overlook X-country (R.O.X.) t-shirt– please send in sizes. These are the “Bentley/ Rolls Royces” of running tech t-shirts.

As for the questions, four US Olympic marathoners who also ran ultra races include Janis Klecker (3:13:51 50Km- US record), Don Kardong (very close 4th in 1976 Oly marahon, won LeGrizz 50 mile 5:55 and other shorter ultras, Alberto Salazar (1984 Olympic marathoner- not 1980), Ted Corbitt (1952 Olympics, many, MANY ultra wins and outstanding ultra performances up through age 83!!!!). Anthony Sandoval won the 1980 Olympic marathon trials and DID do a number of long trail races, alas the longest was just 26 miles– not an ultra.

All names OTHER than Byron’s go back into the sorting hat for holiday-time raffle for another pair of shoes. Stay tuned, AND follow the upcoming R.O.X. Ultra (50Km+) in the wilds of southern New Mexico on Nov. 16.

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