Oct. 28 Update/ Info. On R.O.X. Races

There has been great interest in our upcoming Roundtop Overlook X-country (R.O.X.) races (to be held Sat. Nov. 16). One important clarification to make:
the distances offered are 4 miles, 9 miles, 27 miles, 50Km (31.5 miles). We have carefully measured and re-measured the various loops, including some slight detours due to September storm damage, and that is what we have.

As far as any cut-offs for the 50Km, all runners will have ALL day to finish the 27 mile option, but if someone is really dragging approaching 27 miles, we will ask that they not continue for the additional 4.5 mile loop that concludes the 50Km. Reaching the 27 mile point in 7 (seven) hours should be the goal of those wanting to keep going (hey– that’s less than 4MPH on a course that includes some very flat trail and dirt roads).

We will have more food, prizes and course markings than ever– Come join the FUN!

One response to “Oct. 28 Update/ Info. On R.O.X. Races

  1. Martha

    Do you know how we can register for the R.O.X. Races?

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