Course directions/ map–

If you scroll down to “January 2013” you will find a color map of most of the R.O.X. route (similar to Sugarloaves’ course, but with a bit less on the road etc.).

Basically, all races at R.O.X. start together and head south (crossing road) for a pretty, somewhat overgrown 2.3+ mile loop. You then pass back through the start/ finish area and head north of the Sierra Vista trail towards the looming Bishop Cap Mountain in the distance. At the foot of Bishop Cap (tricky SIX-way junction) you cross on the single-track (heavily flagged) and keep going north about .3 more miles to a large bare area (good views in all directions) with AID/ turnaround signs/ etc. Turn around and retrace steps to start.

Pass start/ finish at +-9 miles/ 11+ miles/ 18 miles/ 20+ miles/ 27 miles/ 50Km (31.5 miles). SO– lots of access to your vehicle and the main food tent/ restroom/ etc.

NOW I must get out there and hack back the WAIST-high weeds and grass that have overtaken about a mile of the trail. Rough briars, sand-spurs, mesquite, etc.

Best wishes to all runners/

Mark D

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