More Specific Directions + Motel/ Hotel

To be more specific: at exit #155 off I-10 (which is midway between Las Cruces and El Paso), get off I-10.

You will notice two truck stops on the west (downhill) side of the interchange. They are good for last minute food, drinks, restrooms, etc.

The RACE starts 2 miles EAST (uphill– other side of interchange from truck stops) from the exit ramp.

Follow the winding paved road passed a large GRAVEL OPERATION on your left (north) and keep going uphill and east, towards the organ Mountains in the distance (they are not 3 miles away as the crow flies from the exit ramps).

Two (2) miles from I-10 you will cross under a power-line and see a large sign reading “Sierra Vista Trail.” Turn off on the gravel road to the left (northeast) that passes the big sign. Within 200 yards you will see a large gravel parking lot on your left, plus a restroom, start/ finish area, tents, etc. The races start and end near the horse hitching rails on the east edge of the parking lot.

HOTEL/MOTEL: Many in west El Paso (Mesa Road exit), also at University Drive exit in Las Cruces. There is a Best Western just 9 miles from exit #155 in Anthony, NM, it is clean and good BUT is next to a huge truck stop. I hesitate to recommend any one hotel as some runners have found a particular hotel “great” while other folks found the same hotel “NOT great.”

Feel free to call me with any questions– (915)581-9541(H) or (915)497-9329 (C). I will be out on the course most of today and Friday. The trails are in a record state of overgrowth and I am doing the best I can to make everything runnable.

Safe travels to everyone–

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