R.O.X. 50Km and 27 mile Results & Report

R.O.X. 50Km and 27.3 mile (shorter race results are elsewhere)
Vado, New Mexico
Nov. 16, 2013

50+Km (trails and some roads at 4,040′>4,450′)
(note– 14 folks singed up for the 50Km)

1. Luis Leon, 44, Tucson, AZ 4:59:49
2. Peter Livingstone, 49, Las Cruces, NM 5:34:13
3. Kyle McLaughlin, 22, Buckley, WA 5:45:55
4. Dan Reed, 30, El Paso, TX 6:25:06
5. Steve Wilson, 26, El Paso, TX 6:25:07
6. Juan Peralta, 33, El Paso, TX 6:44:28
7. Dale Louis, 58, Grants, NM 7:10:55
8. David Townsend, 39, Evansville, IN 7:15:14

27.3 mile:

1. Garth Reader, Los Alamos, NM 4:42:49
2. Eduardo Solis, El Paso, TX 5:17:45

Sixteen adventuresome runners came out to scenic Vado, New Mexico (home to Dominguez Family Dairy Farm, one of the 3-4 biggest dairy farms in the world) on a mild but extremely windy day. Several hours into the run our large event tent got blown off its moorings, its metal supports snapped like thin twigs.

The Organ Mountains, around the base of which these races pass, are 9,000’+ cathedral-like spires that are part of a large proposed new National Monument. Runners found that while there were no major climbs, the short, steep, loose and sometimes overgrown arroyos and ridges took their toll.

We look forward to the above runners and many more joining us February 1 for our annual Sugarloaves’ (S.U.V.) trail races out in this same remote, scenic area.

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