Two Upcoming Southern New Mexico Trail Runs!!

On Sunday December 15th, we have the low-key, fun, 14th annual pre-holiday Sagebrush Olderbark Shuffle (S.O.S.) 9 hour run. No entry fee (donations of food etc. welcome), just come out to Vado, New Mexico (exit #155 off I-10, between Las Cruces and El Paso) and start running at 7:50 a.m. WE do a few easy road miles at the start, then longer out-backs and finally, later in the day (for anyone still going), we have short 2 mile section with each 1/4 mile clearly marked. Water and drinks on course every 2-3 miles, plenty of food and holiday door prizes at main parking/ start area.

Sat. Feb. 1, 2014.
Sugarloaves’ Ultra Vista (S.U.V.) Ultras– 60Km (37.5 mi.), 28+ mile, plus shorter races.
Meet at SV trail head parking lot, 2 miles east of I-10 Vado exit (exit #155).
8:10 a.m. start all races.
Course similar to last year with some dirt and paved road in first few miles, then longer 9-10 mile out and backs north on Sierra Vista multi-use trail.

Also like last year, we will have a time cut-off at 28+ miles to ensure all runners finishing by sunset or a very few minutes after.

We will have race morning registration– complete registration info. will be posted in the next few days.

Awards/ prizes 1-3 M/F in each race.
Running shoe gift certificates for 1+2 M/F in longer races.
Medals to all finishers of ultras.
Ribbons to finishers of shorter races.
Water, drinks, snacks every 3 miles on course. LOTS of food and drink at start/ finish area, which you cross through at regular intervals.

More info. to be posted ASAP.

Come and bring your friends!

One response to “Two Upcoming Southern New Mexico Trail Runs!!

  1. Dianna Keogh

    Bobby and I will be coming to the Dec. 15th run

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