Sugarloaves’ 2014 Runners Were Awesome!

Despite challenging hills, sandy footing, rough weather (including severe winds that blew over tables, chairs, signs, etc.), and a few places that could have been better marked/ flagged, the nearly 100 (!) runners plus a few dogs were cheerful, patient, and appreciative.

Our small but rugged crew (including the amazing Franklin high school runner Brian Rowley, and several runners who helped before and after their races– Wendy, George, etal.) was elated but overwhelmed by the amount of race day registrants.  

As one veteran runner told us, “Hey– no one got hurt, or lost off the course, everyone was friendly and the scenery was awesome– things went well!”

We are working today to clean up the course and get ACCURATE results posted ASAP.  If you note an omission etc. in the results, please just let us know.  Also if you did not get a finisher’s medal etc., contact us with your mailing address.

Remember that there are several upcoming local trail events, including the beautiful Sierra Vista Runs on March 8 and the 17th annual Jackrabbit Classic in the Franklin Mountains a week later.  Once we change the clocks we also generally run some of the trails on Crazycat Mountain near the westside El Paso Up And Running shop on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m.(refreshments after). Will post more info. later.

All best wishes to all runners and helpers,

Mark, Helen, Amalia and Toby Dorion

One response to “Sugarloaves’ 2014 Runners Were Awesome!

  1. Rosalba Bazar

    Hello Mr. Dorion Great race love it ! thank you for your great support. I forgot to pick up my Tshirt,I would love to have one. PLease let me know thank you so much. rosalba

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