Annual ROUNDTOP Overlook X-Country (R.O.X.) Trail Races Nov. 1, 2014

Come join the fun in the mountains of southern New Mexico on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014.

ROUNDTOP OVERLOOK X-Country (R.O.X.) Trail Races

Vado, New Mexico (between Las Cruces and El Paso, in the scenic Organ Mountains)

8:20 a.m. Start all races.

52Km (32 mi.)/ 27 mile/ 10 mile/ 4.6 mile (7.5 Km)

“Something for everyone”  Courses = mixture of old dirt jeep road, narrow and twisty single-track trail, and a few short paved country road sections.  Elevation= 4,012′> 4,410′  Climb in 52Km= +- 3,950′.

Aid stations every 2-3 miles, pass main parking area (your vehicle)/ tents/ buffet at +- 2 miles/ 10 miles/ 18+ miles/ 27 miles.

Typical weather for Nov. 1= lows of 39F, highs of 74F.  It can be quite WINDY (in 2013, gusts of 50+MPH).

T-shirts to all runners.

Medals to all finishers of two longer races.  Ribbons to finishers of two shorter races.

Entry fees= $30 for longer two runs, $25 for shorter, add $5 for any run for which you enter after October 30.  You may enter race morning.

Directions to start:  Get off I-10 Vado exit (exit #155).  Drive 2 miles EAST (uphill, on twisting paved road, towards mountains– Bishop Cap = the pointy peak with metal tower on top.)  At power-lines that is two miles from I-10, follow trail head signs left (northeast) on gravel road 200 yards to main parking area.  Start and finish here.  All runs start with a few easy miles on paved road you drove in on before hitting trails.

Questions?  Please contact us at:       or (915)581-9541

******ON-LINE REGISTRATION = raceadventuresunlimited  (see below) or at El Paso’s Up And Running East and West side shops.

Hope to see you out there in the high desert!