Annual ROUNDTOP Overlook X-Country (R.O.X.) Trail Races Nov. 1, 2014

Come join the fun in the mountains of southern New Mexico on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014.

ROUNDTOP OVERLOOK X-Country (R.O.X.) Trail Races

Vado, New Mexico (between Las Cruces and El Paso, in the scenic Organ Mountains)

8:20 a.m. Start all races.

52Km (32 mi.)/ 27 mile/ 10 mile/ 4.6 mile (7.5 Km)

“Something for everyone”  Courses = mixture of old dirt jeep road, narrow and twisty single-track trail, and a few short paved country road sections.  Elevation= 4,012′> 4,410′  Climb in 52Km= +- 3,950′.

Aid stations every 2-3 miles, pass main parking area (your vehicle)/ tents/ buffet at +- 2 miles/ 10 miles/ 18+ miles/ 27 miles.

Typical weather for Nov. 1= lows of 39F, highs of 74F.  It can be quite WINDY (in 2013, gusts of 50+MPH).

T-shirts to all runners.

Medals to all finishers of two longer races.  Ribbons to finishers of two shorter races.

Entry fees= $30 for longer two runs, $25 for shorter, add $5 for any run for which you enter after October 30.  You may enter race morning.

Directions to start:  Get off I-10 Vado exit (exit #155).  Drive 2 miles EAST (uphill, on twisting paved road, towards mountains– Bishop Cap = the pointy peak with metal tower on top.)  At power-lines that is two miles from I-10, follow trail head signs left (northeast) on gravel road 200 yards to main parking area.  Start and finish here.  All runs start with a few easy miles on paved road you drove in on before hitting trails.

Questions?  Please contact us at:       or (915)581-9541

******ON-LINE REGISTRATION = raceadventuresunlimited  (see below) or at El Paso’s Up And Running East and West side shops.

Hope to see you out there in the high desert!

3 responses to “Annual ROUNDTOP Overlook X-Country (R.O.X.) Trail Races Nov. 1, 2014

  1. OH BOY!!! OH BOY!!! OH BOY!!!!!

  2. Everything is correct about the November 3014 race EXCEPT race is on Sunday November 2. Also, we will have MORE prizes than ever and very nice medals. More info. and registration site will be up soon.

    Thanks, Mark & Family

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