R.O.X. Results and Lightning!

Below are the results from the two “shorter” Roundtop “R.O.X.” trail races held Sunday Nov. 2 in the rolling high desert east of Vado, New Mexico. A series of LIGHTNING storms came at us from various directions of the compass all afternoon; this made for some excitement and dramatic photos. Speaking of photos, to see the professional shots taken by Kelly Perky Garcia DURING her steady 33 mile race, try this link: https://plus.google.com/u/O/photos/115252780925398588939/albums/607747552941248449

Further results and analysis/ color commentary ASAP. ALSO– our annual end-of-year Fun Run, the “Balsam Cap Transcend Ten” (10 hour, with marked 50Km and 40 mile points, or you can go for the full ten hours) is planned for Sunday December 14. The big SUGARLOAVES’ ULTRA VISTA (S.U.V.) is set for Saturday Jan. 31, 2015 and like last year will include the amazingly popular 25Km (15.6 mile) as well as several other distances including the traditional 60Km (37.5 miles).

Roundtop R.O.X. 6 Mile Results:

1. David Jakcson, 50, Santa Teresa, NM 54:54
2. Dustin Cotta, 30, El Paso, TX 1:04:30
3. George Rivera, 50, Anthony, N.M. 1:07:10
4. Leigh Ann Sunger, 24, El Paso 1:09:00 (1W)
5. Victor Garcia, 33, El Paso 1:12:24
6. Sabrina Cotta, 31, El Paso 1:13:18 (2W)
7. Kathy Patterson, 46, El Paso 1:26:48 (3W)
8. Connie Hayes, 40, El Paso 1:28:14 (4W)
9. Quinn Patterson, 21, El Paso 1:30:01
(11 Starters)

13 Mile Results:

1. Bobby Dominguez, 53, El Paso 1:56:04
2. James Butler, 42, El Paso 1:59:59
3. Amanda Raulerson, 27, El Paso 2:04:40 (1W)
4. Jose Valdez, 27, El Paso 2:17:11
5. Jamila Williams, 35, Las Cruces 2:41:40 (2W)
(6 starters)

(again– other results and reports pending)

Everyone who came out and charged up and down the steep-sided arroyos and foothills of the Vado wilds deserves a big round of applause!

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