Sugarloaves’ Ultra Results (30 Mile, 60Km) 2015–

***The following, while highly accurate, are not official at the moment. We invite any runners or helpers who notice omissions or errors to contact us. Results of the three shorter races (4 mile, 9 mile, 16 mile) will be posted separately. Thank you to all the great runners and never-tiring race workers who came out in wet, cool, MUDDY conditions.

Sugarloaves’ Ultra Vista (S.U.V.) Trail Races
Vado, NM
Jan. 31, 2015
Trails and old jeep roads at 4,100>4,410′.

30.3 Miles:

1. Gail Leedy, 61, Alburquerque, NM (1W) 6:10:50
2. John Stasulli, 40, Killeen, TX 6:38:12
3. Todd Wolford, 49, El Paso, TX 7:07:20
4. Richard Harris, 74, Albuquerque 8:28:11
5. Kelly Perky Garcia, 49, Albuquerque (2W) 8:32:47
6. Clint Burleson, 61, Organ, NM 8:32:48

(7 starters)

60Km (37.4 Miles):

1. Travis McWhorter, 28, Sandia Park, NM 5:47:32
2. Mike McCorgary, 45, El Paso, TX 6:06:16
3. Adan Rivas, 42, Cd. Juarez, Chih., MEX 6:28:29
4. Evelin Molina, 25, Cd. Juarez, Chih. MEX (1W) 7:40:48
5. Kathy Kirsling, 66, Tijeras, NM (2W)

(6 Starters)

Colorful race report, photos plus results of our other races will appear at this blogsite shortly. I am posting this after a long afternoon cleaning up the trails (we had several remote aid stations where water etc. is backpacked in and the 4 wheel drive road to get NEAR the trails is slow and muddy).

2 responses to “Sugarloaves’ Ultra Results (30 Mile, 60Km) 2015–

  1. Hi Mark & Helen,

    What a great race, had so much fun! Thanks again.

    You guys rock!!


  2. Thank you to Mark and Hellen! This was a great race and loved being able to participate in it before deploying to Afghanistan!. My race report is available at

    If I ever get a chance to run this again, I will DEFINITELY be here!

    Thanks again!

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