Photos of Square Ledge Trail Race, 2018

Photos by Arpan DeAngelo


Photos of Square Ledge Trail Race, 2018


BIG THANK YOU y muchisimas gracias

To all runners and helpers who came to the SQUARE LEDGE TRAIL RUNS on Saturday.

The weather was fine and there were many, many remarkable running efforts.

Photos and final results should be up shortly.  We had almost 1,000 action pictures and have to edit and fit them on to the blogsite (which has gig. Limits).


As for RESULTS, a few folks stopped a full 5km loop short of the distance for which they signed up.  If the run is held again, we think that going to a slightly longer loop it may be easier for everyone to know how many laps they have done.  Since we have been putting on trail races in the region since 1990, we find that Garmin/ GPS units have– paradoxically– made it HARDER for runners to sense their pace and miles.  For e.g., we were shown people’s wrist Garmin etc. Devices that showed the longest run was everything from 18.8 to 19.3 miles.  We measured the trails slowly with calibrated wheel (Jones Counter), but measuring any trail is difficult (this is why no trail races can be CERTIFIED).


****BUT most importantly– most everyone had FUN!!!  Thank you all again!

2 responses to “Photos of Square Ledge Trail Race, 2018

  1. Great event! Thank you again for making it happen and big thanks to all the volunteers!

  2. Beth Walters

    This was a great event! Thank you for all your hard working putting this on. Will be back!

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