January 9 Update:

A map of the approximate course will appear here shortly.

BUT, basically– we start and finish by the soccer field picnic pavillion  in High Ridge Park, do a short lap of the soccer field and then head south on trails that zig-zag through the first arroyo.

From arroyo trail, uphill to s. end of first dam and then go clockwise around South Mountain.  **NOTE– there are some sharp, right-angled or “square” ledges that the trail traverses just above Redd Road/ Dunkin’ Donuts/ etc.  be careful.

At +- 1 mile point head north over dam #1 and then around Middle Mountain to dam #2.  Cross dam #2 and then drop down to northeast and head for dam #3.  Cross far west edge (big boulders, nice chat surface) of Dam #3.  Do short loop to north before rejoining outbound route.

Return to start same way, EXCEPT bypass South Mountain and head straight for start/ finish.  There will be chalk arrows and lines on the ground, directional signs and volunteers when and where possible.

Back at start at +-4.55 miles.

2nd, 3rd and 4th loops are same as first EXCEPT we do not circle the soccer field and take a more direct single-track path to the arroyo in the first 500 yards.

The “Big 30Km” runners do an additional mile loop out to South Mountain and back.




Runner must complete at least the following distances at the following trail runs:

–9 mile or longer at Square Ledge Runs on Jan. 28.

–6.3 mile or longer at Sierra Vista Trail Runs (SV North Trailhead, Las Cruces) /early March

–8.1mile at Jackrabbit Rally Trail Runs, Franklin Mountains State Park, early April.

(all stats will be carefully monitored.  Runners satisfying the above requirements will receive nice custom “Trail Triple Crown” ceramic mug etc. after Jackrabbit Rally)

***Anyone completing 30Km or longer at Square Ledge + Sierra Vista and 8+ mile at Jackrabbit will receive mug plus gift certificate to UP AND RUNNING, El Paso’s only running specialty shop.

Further questions?  Please contact Mark at–  markgd55@gmail.com  or   (915)581-9541.

We look forward to greeting you in person on January 28th!