Oct. 28 Update/ Info. On R.O.X. Races

There has been great interest in our upcoming Roundtop Overlook X-country (R.O.X.) races (to be held Sat. Nov. 16). One important clarification to make:
the distances offered are 4 miles, 9 miles, 27 miles, 50Km (31.5 miles). We have carefully measured and re-measured the various loops, including some slight detours due to September storm damage, and that is what we have.

As far as any cut-offs for the 50Km, all runners will have ALL day to finish the 27 mile option, but if someone is really dragging approaching 27 miles, we will ask that they not continue for the additional 4.5 mile loop that concludes the 50Km. Reaching the 27 mile point in 7 (seven) hours should be the goal of those wanting to keep going (hey– that’s less than 4MPH on a course that includes some very flat trail and dirt roads).

We will have more food, prizes and course markings than ever– Come join the FUN!

And we have a winner–

Raffle drawing was conducted during commercial break of Cardinals 4-2 win over Dodgers Tuesday night. The name “Byron lane” drawn out of hat. He wins a gift certificate for a pair of Saucony shoes.

The other ten folks who managed to answer the questions and send in their names each get a cool-max Roundtop Overlook X-country (R.O.X.) t-shirt– please send in sizes. These are the “Bentley/ Rolls Royces” of running tech t-shirts.

As for the questions, four US Olympic marathoners who also ran ultra races include Janis Klecker (3:13:51 50Km- US record), Don Kardong (very close 4th in 1976 Oly marahon, won LeGrizz 50 mile 5:55 and other shorter ultras, Alberto Salazar (1984 Olympic marathoner- not 1980), Ted Corbitt (1952 Olympics, many, MANY ultra wins and outstanding ultra performances up through age 83!!!!). Anthony Sandoval won the 1980 Olympic marathon trials and DID do a number of long trail races, alas the longest was just 26 miles– not an ultra.

All names OTHER than Byron’s go back into the sorting hat for holiday-time raffle for another pair of shoes. Stay tuned, AND follow the upcoming R.O.X. Ultra (50Km+) in the wilds of southern New Mexico on Nov. 16.

Shoe Raffle Happening Now, Tuesday Race News–

Eleven (11) names are in the hat for tonight’s shoe raffle, to take place during the Red Sox-Tigers ball game (after the regular Tuesday night Up And Running group run). Over 3,000 runners knew of this raffle, but only eleven had the energy to answer the three easy questions and thus have their name put in the hat.

Meanwhile, we are getting organized for the R.O.X. trail races on Nov. 16. Right now the whole course and local high desert are covered in spectacular yellow flowers and fresh sage (quite aromatic). Come on down and join the fun in historic Vado, New Mexico!

Correction/ Additional Info. re-shoe raffle!

Oops– sleepy old Mark made a typo-goof– meant to say that besides locally in southern NM/ far west TX these peaks are found, they are also all found near a BIG city and all there are over 3100′ elev. (NOT 3400′)

In any case, the five (5) responses so far all figured the mountain question out pretty quickly, but some folks have had trouble with the Olympic marathoners- ultrarunners question. Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers ran 30 mile training runs at fast paces, but did not enter any ultra RACES. And yes, there have been some world class (top 5 in Olympics) Russian/ European marathoners who also did ultras, but to my knowledge they all still live abroad.

Nine easy slow miles today and I feel like I ran an ultra.

Good night and good luck,

Mark D ZZZzzzzz

More info. on shoe raffle/ e-mail

For anyone who finds the answers, please send, along with your name, to–

And again, I am not picky if you send either the track or road (or both) 6 day record holders.

Also, on Question 2, remember I said that all four named mountains that are in close proximity to each other are ABOVE 3,400′.

best wishes,

Mark D

Amazing Shoe Raffle!


PLEASE send answers to the three questions, plus your name to:



Again, since folks have asked, for question 3 I do not care if you put down “track” 6 day record holder or “road” or both.

Remember on Question #2 that all 4 named peaks are OVER 3400′ at the summits.

Best wishes from sunny El Paso at 4,210’/


Mark D


Starting date: Monday Oct. 7.
Ending date: 11:59 p.m. Thursday Oct. 10.

Questions you need to answer FIRST before having your name put into the hat for drawing for new pair of Mizuno/ Saucony shoes.

1.) Name TWO (2) USA runners who competed in the Olympic Marathon AND who raced ultra marathon events (50Kms/ 31.1 miles or longer).
For extra credit, name the year(s) they ran in the Olympics, and one of the ultras they contested.

2.) We have several ultra races in southern New Mexico with catchy acronyms. The S.U.V. stands for Sugarlaof Ulta Vista, the R.O.X. for Roundtop Overlook X-country, and even the S & S Shuffle = Sherrill and Sagebrush Shuffle.

While these are all local place names, many regions of the USA have mountains and ponds with the same names, these names varying from early explorers to natural wonders– e.g., there must be over 100 “Mud Ponds” in the country.

Where– besides the local southern NM region– is one small mountain range/ era/ park where you may also find peaks named “Sugarloaf,” “Roundtop,” “Overlook,” and “Sherrill”?? Hint– all these four are within a few miles of each other in that region, and all are at least 3,400′ high, with very steep sides.

3.) Can you name the all-time greatest 6 day racers (men and women), and their distances (it’s OK if you list separate road and track distances).


Please be sure to include your full name and shoe size. Raffle to take place Monday October 14.

Best wishes to everyone–

Sugarloaves’ Ultra Vista (S.U.V.) Trail races 2014–

Sat. Feb. 1, 2014.  8:10 a.m. M.S.T. start all races.

6.4 mile/

28 mile

60Km (37.5 mi.) main event

Courses, awards, aid all similar to 2013.

All races include short stretches of paved road, dirt roads, narrow single-track trail with some rocky and sandy footing. ¬†Elevation varies from 4,040′>4,410′, with no individual climbs over 100′. ¬†Rolling arroyos/ canyons/ ridges at foot of Organ Mountains.

Come join the fun!

On-line Raffle of pair of Mizuno Shoes!

Starting on Monday October 7, 2013, we will be holding an on-line raffle for a new pair of Mizuno shoes (New Balance to follow later in the year).

To be eligible, a person must log onto this blogsite and answer a few very easy running trivia questions (e.g., everyone knows off the top if their heads that the current world record for the half-marathon = 58:23 by Eritrea’s Zerzenay Tadese, eight??)

The raffle will be “open” from Monday October 7> Thursday October 10. After Thursday 11:59 p.m., all names will be put in a hat and one will be drawn.

Meanwhile, it may help your chances if you are either planning to run the upcoming R.O.X. trail races (Nov 16) or S.U.V. event (Feb. 1)– both in New Mexico, USA, or at least know a little something about them (remember the running trivia questions).

Best wishes to all runners around the globe,

Mark D